MOW Nails was founded in 2018 by two sisters empowered by and obsessed with perfect manicures and pedicures. We believe that with the right manicure, anyone- no matter who you are or what you do- can conquer the world. 

Our story started a few years ago in 2016 when one of our co-founders entered the mesmerizing world of the endlessly growing clean beauty industry. While she was working for a Washington, DC startup, she met other young entrepreneurs looking for formulas that would allow people of all ages to give their nails non-toxic care and embarked on a journey that brings them to MOW Nails today. 

MOW Nails is driven by the mission to provide a personalized styling experience instead of one size fits all approach. We are a vegan,  non-toxic and cruelty-free alternative that ensures that you are able to give your nails the care they deserve while looking good and feeling good.  

We take care of what we eat, we try to workout a few times a week, so let's try to do the same for our nails. 

Our collection “New Beginnings” consists of the perfect base of colors for you to have the ideal and long-lasting manicure for any occasion - whether that’s washing the dishes or going to your best friends’ wedding.  



The financial and administrative brain behind MOW Nails. Her background as a financial analyst has led her to develop a keen sense for finding new investment opportunities. 

Clari, 24, graduated in Finance from Boston College. During her free time she enjoys cooking (Follow @chefmow), drawing and enjoying city life in NYC.




The marketing and innovation lead behind MOW Nails. Alesia worked for a nail polish manufacturer in 2016, where she learned about the possibility of non-toxic nail polish.

Ale, 22,  recently graduated from Babson College with a Bachelor in Science in Business Administration and a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. 

During her free time she likes to scout new restaurants and post about them in her Instagram Page @mowchingaround.



A key figure for financial and marketing support for the company. An incoming freshman in Northeastern University, he developed pricing and discount strategies to increase monthly sales.



Marketing Coordinator



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