What do you mean by Vegan and Cruelty free?

By NCLA Beauty
While vegan products do not contain any animal-based ingredients in their formulas, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a vegan product is also cruelty-free.  Learn more about the important differences from one of our favorite vegan and cruelty-free bloggers Ethical Elephant.
We’ve taken a stance against testing our products on animals, and we’re proud of it!
Some of our founding principles include never compromising our quality, ingredients, or ethics. Being cruelty-free means never testing on animals at any point of the manufacturing process.
Purchasing cruelty-free cosmetics means saying “NO" to companies that do test on animals, and perform unethical testing practices on our furry friends. 
MOW Nails  is 100% cruelty free, because we just don’t think nail polish looks good on bunnies. (or any cosmetics for that matter)

Make sure the cosmetic brands you are using are both vegan AND cruelty-free. A company that does not test on animals but still uses animal derivatives in their formula will often label themselves as cruelty-free. (Crazy, right?)
Being cruelty free also means not retailing in countries that require animal testing. MOW Nails won’t compromise its standards to sell in certain countries, until we see their laws change.
If a brand is acquired by a parent company, or a larger conglomerate that is not cruelty free, we associate that brand as not being cruelty free any longer. Although the façade of the brand may stay the same once it is acquired, the brand has made affiliations to animal testing, and are also subject to animal testing themselves.

Before you have a total panic attack about what exactly is in your cosmetics, remember that you’re not alone.

Finding vegan and cruelty free brands can be easy with the help of bloggers dedicated to making an impact in ethical cosmetics. Bloggers such as Tashina Combs of Logical Harmony stay up to date on industry changes, and review their favorite vegan and cruelty free brands regularly. 
Our products are made up of honest, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients. We put our beauty standards first, and that includes saving our furry friends from being subject to animal testing. We believe in going the extra mile in our manufacturing process, to make sure our products our ethically produced and sold. 
More importantly, we are animal lovers who are dedicated to living a cruelty-free lifestyle.

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