Saving the environment, One manicure at a time

By Federica De Lemmos 

So… you want to help save the world from all forms of contamination, but you are a meat lover who loves bacon, you read about climate change and yet do nothing about it, you keep on using plastic grocery bags instead of reusable ones, (that even come with pretty butterfly designs), you mix up when throwing the trash in the recycle bins (too many colors. I get it, but still.), you keep on asking for straws when ordering a drink, take the longest showers because “Every day is a spa day” (?) NO!, leave the light on why? Is the ghost inside your home afraid of the dark?,… AND you use normal nail polish?! I mean: for realsies?




           Normal nail polish is not only harmful to the environment, but to you as well.


            Let’s get to specifics… Normal nail polish includes what some call the “toxic trio” of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phth…umm… what? Ok, not too specific specifics. I wouldn’t remember the name of those weird chemicals either. What I will remember is if a baby is born with an abnormality because of the nail polish mommy decided to use. Do I sound a bit dramatic? Well, it’s no joke.


            Such chemicals have been proven to drastically alter hormones and cause reproductive abnormalities. They also cause nausea and vomiting, painful headaches and long-term speaking, you may need to call damage control for your kidney and liver. One of the chemicals is a skin irritant that will laugh at all your hand creams, and affect your nervous system, leading to weakness and mental disorientation.


            You know those shiny nail polishes that have a light shimmer and sparkle when your hand faces the sun? It’s so pretty that you don’t even think of how it comes to be, you just stare at how nice it looks. All of that glitz is a mineral which production relies heavily on the labor of the women and children who, as the clock ticks, spend their time multiple feet below ground suffering of asthma and bronchitis. Not to mention how all the water reserves that get contaminated from all that mining. But your nails look so pretty, and neither of us are the ones 30 feet underground.


            All of the compounds found in normal nail polish are detrimental to the environment. Otherwise you’d be allowed to throw them out along with the rest of your garbage and they wouldn’t be considered as hazardous waste along with insecticides and car batteries. 

            Cherry on top? These toxins are used to preserve dead animals and corpses.

            So yeah, normal nail polish does affect you and the environment. And I know that you alone are just a little fish in a sea of many, but what if other fishies join you and me? We could help the world at least by using non-toxic nail polish, and what better way to do it if not with Mow Nails? You might think that it really won’t do much, but how about you try and then we’ll see?

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