Are you ready for a New Beginning?


NEW BEGINNINGS was created in 2018 when the founders,
Alesia & Clarissa realized it was time for a New Beginning: a healthier, fashionable, and sustainable one.

The founders of MOW realized they were taking care of what they were
eating, exercising daily, implementing sustainable practices in their daily lives,
but they were not conscious of the products they were using on their nails.
New Beginnings was created with the purpose of motivating others to
implement healthier alternatives in their lives; just as they did.
“We don’t believe in being radical but we do believe that adopting little
changes in your life that give superior benefits are always worth implementing.

New Beginnings comprises 8 basic colors & 2 nail care products: a base coat & a quick-dry top coat.

MOW is for regular nails, for real hands (bitten, shorter, longer, rounded, square, among others).

MOW is for hands that do things & for hands that accomplish things;
We believe every individual, occasion, & outfit, deserves the ideal nail polish
color that is why NB & MOW advisors will help you find yours.

So, are you ready to join the #mowvement?

“What If” you begin the journey taking some “Baby Steps” for the “First Time”
& try “New Beginnings”. Start with a “Blank Slate” as if it were “Day Zero” and adopt some “Bad Habits”

Ladies, are you First?

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